The objectives have been established according to the know-how of the project partners:

– Know firsthand how the phenomenon of bullying is being managed in other European countries.

– Compare the situation of school coexistence in centers of different countries.

– Apply, as much as possible, the experiences learned in our centers.

– Promote a positive and socializing education.

– Improve school coexistence.

– Contribute to the eradication of all types of violence in childhood.

– Promote interdisciplinary and multicultural training for teachers and professionals in the field of education.

– Make a basic study on the phenomenon and its management in the different target territories.

– Collect best practices in different intellectual products that serve as a basis for teaching material at European level.

– Create a working methodology based on best practices found at European level and applicable in schools.

– To create pedagogical material that improves the capacity and skills of teachers in the management of bullying, according to new technologies and communication channels.

– Exchange of program implementation experiences.


– Greater knowledge of the phenomenon of bullying in Europe, its causes, how to manage it, how to improve coexistence in the classroom, innovative methods, good practices, etc.

– Improvement of the methodologies of management and prevention of bullying through shared and learned experiences.

– Methodologies applied and analyzed its impact and effectiveness.
– Reduction of the phenomenon of bullying and more effective management of it.

– Capitalization of good practices from previous European experiences, used in project activities.

– Intellectual material ready to be used locally and transferred to other EU realities.

– Teachers and educational professionals better able to manage the phenomenon of bullying.

– Improvement of collaborative working methods between teachers and between different centers, and these with public bodies, families and private entities dedicated to training and work with youth.

– Improvement of the technical skills and personal skills of the people involved in the project in relation to the phenomenon of bullying, but also in other areas such as language skills, empathy, social skills, adaptation in multicultural environments, knowledge of values of the EU, etc.