From Peer to Peer training in Leuven

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The training of our project took place in Leuven, Belgium from September 30th to October 8th of 2017. Our project aims to contribute to a better education from the point of view of social inclusion, combating discrimination, segregation and bullying. So, those nine days hosted by Melanie Van Oort from UC Leuven-Limburg, we exchanged educational methodologies that focused on those issues.

After being welcomed at the Leuven Town Hall, we were lucky to start our training program with a diversity walk through the eyes of a migrant. Mohamed Aoragh introduced us to the city and discussed with us about inclusion and integration. The next day our partners from Hungary from John Wesley College did a workshop on Psycho-Education in combination with cooperative learning methods and autogenous training. In addition to that, we had sessions on Mindfulness and Appreciative Inquiry by V. Pochet and K. Martens.

Photo Gallery from the FROM PEER TO PEER training in Leuven

FP2P days 1, 2 & 3

Day number 4 was covered by our visit to Brussels. There we met with the Flemish Ministry of Education to talk about national policies and afterwards we discussed with representatives of LLLP, EYF & OBESSU that work on inclusion and anti-bullying on a European level. The next day we started with a visit at De Mozaïek school that is using KiVa. Afterwards, our Romanian partners from ISJ Arad presented us character-building education to prevent bullying in schools. The final session of the day came from our Italian partners from Europole that did a workshop on the use of robotics in the prevention of bullying.

Photo Gallery from the FROM PEER TO PEER training in Leuven

FP2P days 4 & 5

The sixth day belonged to Kristof Das. He did a presentation on New Authority. His session was the same day as Unesco’s World Teachers’ Day. The next day, the coordinators from Spain from the Municipality of Ibi did their training on the importance of cities in education. The session was called “No Insults, No Ragging, No Intimidation”. Afterwards, A. De Vroey did a presentation on Inclusive Education in Flanders and finally G. Deboutte  did a workshop on KiVa, the inclusive methodology originally coming from Finland.

Photo Gallery from the FROM PEER TO PEER training in Leuven

FP2P days 6 & 7

On Saturday our Greek partners from Action Synergy presented a workshop about drama education to prevent bullying. A seminar firstly delivered to them by InSite Drama during the European project EUBULLY. This was the final session of the training.

Photo Gallery from the FROM PEER TO PEER training in Leuven

FP2P day 8

The last day the wrap up concluded the nine days of training. Partners took and gave educational knowledge to each other which are now going to deliver to their educational network in their countries. They also built a strong network between them thus strengthening their own skill set.

Photo Gallery from the FROM PEER TO PEER training in Leuven

FP2P day 9

All our educational methodologies, every session you read above, are included on our online course which is free for everyone. Go to our e-learning platfotm, use “fp2p” as a username and “inclusion” as a password and login to read and learn training methodologies that will help you develop social inclusion and combat discrimination, segregation and bullying.

If you want to learn more about FROM PEER TO PEER visit our home page or our facebook community.

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